ACCO-MAN  Constructions

Custom-built, our constructions come to encounter our clients ideas, in order to accomplish a long-lasting and healthy project.

Made out of a living  material - the wood -  combined with high quality and environmentally  friendly insulating  and finishing  materials, ACCO-MAN products respond to the need of a higher and cheaper life quality .

Being close to nature, while preserving it for our future, spending less for the comfort of each of us, this is a must nowadays .

And our activity fits this same approach. Located in the middle of spruce area, through our houses we give shape to our clients dreams. With us, terms like ecology, solidity, durability, do not remain just words, they have a content : houses saving up to 40 % of energy, anti-seismic structures, homes to resist time and weather. 

Using FSC certified wood coming from producers with a strictly controlled cutting and replanting system, we totally embrace the ecological approach.